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Ferguson West Ltd - Scoping - Services

Every business is different, each with its own unique challenges, and risks. Understanding the diverse nature of businesses helps us develop sustainable solutions for your information security needs and assist develop continuous improvement plans to safeguard your businesses interests,

We will hold an initial meeting with either the managing director, directors or the companys nominee as the first phase of getting to know your operation and to better understand your requirements. 

Ferguson West Ltd - Audit & Inspection - Services
Audit & Inspection

The audit and inspection methodology we use maps the various processes you undertake to better pinpoint the risks, and to identify areas for improvement. This includes, document reviews, informal observations, reality testing and discussions with staff , clients and customers. The inspection will make an initial assessment of the security, efficiency and legality of your business processes. 

Ferguson West Ltd - Improvement Plans - Services
Improvement Plans

Once the audit has been completeted and its contents agreed, clients will be provided with a draft policy. This document is specific to your business needs, and will form the cornerstone for achieving a cultural shift towards continuous improvement within your organisation. Once agreed it will set the baseline for staff guidance and your own point of reference to avoid information security breaches. 

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